Welcome to this course!

You are about to embark on an exciting journey that takes your expertise as an HR practitioner to a whole new level. Your knowledge and insight into the world of HR Metrics and Analytics will be greatly enhanced as you discover how to:

  • Select the right metrics, obtain the data and analyse it appropriately
  • Establish the impact of your findings
  • Present and tell a story with people and HR data
  • Produce useful people insights
  • Make impactful business decisions using people data

The course consists of seven modules with a brief Overview of the HR Metrics and Analytics Course to kick-start the course:

  1. Introduction to HR Metrics and Analytics
  2. Brief History and Overview of Workforce Metrics
  3. Fundamentals of HR Metrics and Analytics
  4. Levels of Workforce Insights
  5. Getting Started with Workforce Metrics
  6. HR Metrics and Analytics: Case Study
  7. Concluding Remarks

To start the journey, simply select and click a module from the list below. You will return to this Home Screen at the end of each Module to select and launch the next one.

Take Note: To obtain your certificate at the end of the course, you are required to complete a final quiz. A minimum score of 80% is needed before your certificate will be issued – multiple attempts are allowed. The link to the quiz will be provided at the end of the course.