In the world of big data, the ability to be able to mine vast amounts of information and to interpret raw data into meaningful insights has been identified by business leaders to be a top priority and expectation from the function.

Attracting and retaining top talent is a key imperative to every organisation and understanding how to reward performance and promote development is crucial in ensuring employees remain engaged and contribute to the growth momentum of the organisation.

This insightful, hands on, two-day learning program will teach delegates how to create a framework for getting real value from people data. It will also teach delegates to present findings in a meaningful way to have real business impact.

This two-day Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) workshop is a key enabler to understand the process and methodology for conducting a robust workforce planning process. The workshop will enable leaders to forecast the demand and the supply for key roles as well skill gaps.

Most organisations are facing the daunting task of producing the next level of leaders that will be ready to take on a leadership role when the need arises. The effective mentor will assist a lesser experienced person to grow into a new role by offering knowledge, insights, perspectives and wisdom, that will make this endeavour easier and faster.

If organisations want to remain loyal to the staff they are letting go, or whom are retiring,  and give them a meaningful departing gift that will allow the painful process of separation to be less devastating, they need to give them more than a CV writing course and a reference, they need to educate these people on new options and a new way of working.