A 5 Module Virtual Intervention encompassing the following:

  1.  Enabling the right Employee Experience in the Future of Work.
  2. Modern day trends in Performance Management
  3. Developing future fit Talent Strategies
  4. Starting your journey with HR Metrics and Analytics
  5. Making strategic sense of Reward / Compensation

As an official partner of the Josh Bersin Academy, we enable HR teams to develop skills and knowledge for the Future of Work. This state of the art online capability development program, combined with custom developed development tracks and journeys will position larger HR teams for a smooth transition to the future of HR.

We offer a variety of in-house and public programs targeted at the HR profession. From Strategic Workforce Planning, to Reward and HR Metrics, our skilled facilitators deliver programs across the continent. Our signature events in key markets are not to be missed.

As organisations transition to a new reality, they are required to think through the key skills required to deliver the strategy. Our Strategic Planning Framework support organisations to determine key and critical skills needed and supports them in developing a plan to ensure they can deliver on the plan.

Our unique approach to learnerships, delivered through an e-learning platform, ensures that learners aren’t tied up for days on end without the ability to deliver and be productive. Our NQF level 4 program enables learners in even remove locations to participate fully.

As a key enabler in the Talent process we support organisations to develop and deliver a succession planning process in order to have a solid pipeline of talent in place. From the adoption of a 9 box grid to leadership enablement and adoption of a plan.

In partnership with an experienced pan Africa Executive recruiter, we provide clients access to the best in talent across the continent. From retained to unretained search and pro-active marketing of strong and suitable candidates. Our individual approach and professionalism is what sets us apart.

We support organisations that need to start a review of their talent journey. Informed by global thought leadership we assist organisations to think through and design a Talent strategy and framework, or to assess the effectiveness of their strategy.

We deliver solutions to develop a framework and process for delivering an efficient Performance Management system to organisations, through an engaging and inclusive diagnostic and design process. Informed by global thought leadership our process delivers tangible results.

Development of behavioural, leadership and functional competencies against the business strategy. Development takes place against a set of global competencies and through a process of deep engagement with each client to ensure optimal alignment.